“The digital workplace is an ongoing, deliberate approach to delivering a more consumer-like computing environment that is better able to facilitate innovative and flexible working practices.”

Digital Workplace ?

Revolutionary new experiences for your Intranet: 

relevant information

personal for the user

available everywhere


  • not an additional silo, it integrates all your existing systems and services 
  • Comes with dozens of ready-to-use 'Connectors' 
  • enables BYOA/BYOS initiatives


  • HTML5, mobile-first
  • Responsive: Any smartphone, tablet, desktop
  • Open standards HTML5, CSS3, WebComponents, Google Polymer
  • Cross-platform iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Either as web app or native app
  • Made for BYOD

Workplace can be used stand-alone or can be embedded into any existing web site


Deliver the right information at just the right time.

Relevant information is scattered and hidden in various systems. 


But users need to see them all at a glance.

With Cards information can be processed and aggregated independently from the original app or web site.

Right information

Card Store:

  • available Cards are shown based on permissions and audiences
  • members of an audience receive automatically the cards they should see
  • user may remove these preselected cards and may also select additional cards 

Users are used to having an app store, to select the apps they like.

Managers want to ensure they provide the right information to the right audience.


Right time

  • Automatic detection of updates and due dates in original sources
  • Cards can be swiped to dismiss, until next update
  • All Cards are pushed in real-time, no refresh necessary
  • Sync between devices: If you swipe a Card on your phone, it also disappears from the desktop


Now Workplace recognizes your intent and fulfills it directly, like: 

"who is responsible for reseller authorizations?"

"I want to request PTO."

"Show me my open tickets."

Now Assistant

Talk to Now Assistant as you would to a colleague to help you get things done — like finding phone numbers, see recently shared documents or overdue helpdesk tickets.





  • Uses voice recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice feedback to create human interface for employees to 'have a conversation' with their data.
  • Customizable commands let you refine the experience and add specific actions to the Assistant's capabilities.
  • Designed to enable a mobile workforce.

Now Search

  • One app to search in all data sources IntelliEnterprise, fileshares, databases, other business applications
  • federated, simultaneous 
    search in all connected systems
  • providing integrated knowledge to AI Assistant